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22nd - 30th December 2023

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The first edition of Hack4Earth will be held online. Join brilliant minds from across the globe to build the next big thing and contribute to the sustainability movement! Note: Registrations are open until our submission deadline on December 30th!

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Innovate. Collaborate. Solve.

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Hack4Earth is a week-long hackathon that will bring together students worldwide to showcase their skills, collaborate with like-minded individuals, and "hack" together meaningful and innovative solutions to real-world problems surrounding sustainability. We encourage you to think outside the box and push the boundaries of what is possible. Whether you are an aspiring computer scientist, engineer, designer, or simply someone with a passion for sustainability, this hackathon is the perfect platform to make a difference. No matter your level of experience, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, we have a place for you here. So grab your laptops, charge your devices, and prepare for an unforgettable experience!

In light of the pandemic, we have come to realize the increased importance of prioritizing a healthier lifestyle. It has become evident that the well-being of our planet is tied to human health, and we must take responsible and collective action to enhance both. To ensure a better future for generations to come, we must consider social progress, economic development, climate, and the environment when making decisions and taking action. Born to encourage solutions that improve lives and our planet, Hack4Earth is a global sustainability-themed hackathon where you will have the opportunity to network with other students, attend workshops, bring your ideas to life with the help of mentors, and receive feedback from highly accomplished judges.
All 100% free.
Participating in a hackathon is an excellent opportunity to gain new skills and improve existing ones. Whether it is through our interactive workshops or unique set of tracks, we provide a platform for you to work on challenging projects and create something that matters, even if you have very little or prior experience with programming.
Although all participants will receive a Certificate of Participation, we will recognize the top-performing projects in each track with cash prizes thanks to our sponsors! In addition, you will have the opportunity to win premium subscriptions to websites/tools from our various in-kind sponsors.We hope that this opportunity to gain recognition furthers your motivation to participate and showcase your skills.
This event will bring together a diverse group of students from different backgrounds, providing an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. Hack4Earth participants are artists, storytellers, designers, and students with the passion to make a difference in the world. This hackathon provides the chance to expand networks of friends and classmates passionate about sustainability and technology.
The final day of Hack4Earth will feature a Learnathon: a day of learning which will begin with engaging presentations by a handful of speakers in the fields of tech and sustainability. After these sessions, you will have the opportunity to personally interact with a variety of industry experts in a networking fair. Before this, all teams will be pitching their projects to a panel of judges (through short videos) who will evaluate the merits of each solution based on a rubric.

1 Week

While the hackathon will span 1 week, we have an amazing series of workshops leading up to Hack4Earth. Furthermore, you are free to reach out to us or any of our mentors to help you keep your idea going once the hackathon ends; we would love for you to continue your project and bring it to life.

$230,000+ in

Thanks to our sponsors, top teams under each track will be given cash prizes in addition to subscriptions from our in-kind sponsors. A portion of our sponsorship funds will go towards providing solar lamps to children in rural communities that face frequent power outages.

5 Speakers

During the workshops prior to the hackathon and the Learnathon on the last day of the event, all participants will have the opportunity to attend engaging talks about technology and sustainability from our esteemed speakers. Make the most of this opportunity!

Hack4Earth presents an excellent opportunity for you to build something you are passionate about. For each edition of the hackathon, we will offer three tracks for you to participate in which are based on your level of experience. In your submission, you are free to develop a solution to any sustainability challenge/UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) that you resonate with, and we have listed potential themes below. We cannot wait to see the solutions you come up with!

Our goal at Hack4Earth is to provide participants like you with a platform to use technology to build something meaningful that addresses issues faced by millions across the globe. We want to see you create a project that you are passionate about, and we are committed to helping you throughout the process. We will provide unparalleled resources, ranging from world-class mentors to enriching workshops and exceptional tools provided by our sponsors, all free of charge.

Note that each team/participant can enter their project under one track. More details can be found in the FAQ section at the bottom of the page.

Below are the tracks for Hack4Earth 2.0:

The Beginner track is intended for participants who have less than a year of experience in programming/tech but are still interested in implementing their ideas. Submissions are expected to be working prototypes. Judging will be based on creativity, implementation, and presentation.

The Advanced track is for programmers with one or more years of experience. Submissions are expected to be final working products that are created through code; you do not need to implement all the features that you initially plan. There is a larger prize pool for this track due to the elevated expectations.

The Ideathon track presents participants with the opportunity to showcase their creativity and potential through original thinking. Delve into the world of innovation and sustainability without developing a full-fledged product. Ideas will be judged based on creativity, feasibility, and presentation.

Each time we host a hackathon, leaders in the tech and sustainability industries will join us to speak, judge, and mentor participants. Stay tuned for the list of this year's speakers.

Interested in becoming a judge/speaker? Reach out to us at

2nd Place

2nd Place

Visit for all prize-related details!

1st Place

1st Place

Visit for all prize-related details!
3rd Place

3rd Place

Visit for all prize-related details!

30x Honorable Mentions

Most Creative

Best Beginner

(Per Track)

Most Impactful Project

Best Project

Most Original

Sponsor a special weekend for youth across the world: sponsors help us unite hundreds of emerging developers, designers, and builders. Participants make lasting connections with sponsors that extend past our hackathon weekend. Stay tuned as we confirm more sponsors for Hack4Earth.

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Interested in sponsoring our event? Reach out to us at

Hack4Earth is committed to offering you a platform to create, collaborate, and learn. As we host our first iteration, we aim to give you the opportunity to dream bigger than ever. This means giving you top-notch resources, engaging activities, and valuable learning experiences. We want you to find a space to connect with a community of innovators from around the world and delve deeper into tech than ever before, while solving pressing global challenges. We can't wait for you to see all the amazing activities, workshops, and speakers we have planned! We're very excited to see all the amazing things you'll create!

— Hack4Earth Team 💙
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